Vanessa Verzandvoort

3's Class Assistant Teacher

Ms. Vanessa has been a part of the St. Mark’s Days School community since her kids starting attending the school in 2011. She started substitute teaching in 2014 and then became a Teaching Assistant with the 3 year olds in 2015.

She has lived in the Barton Hills neighborhood for the past 8 years but was actually born and raised in the Netherlands. She has a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Leiden and earned her Child Development Associates Certification in 2016.

She loves to travel and has spent a couple of years living in Central and South America. She spent a year living in Honduras where she worked as a Dive Master in the scuba diving industry and later lived in Peru where she worked with babies and toddlers at the orphanage in Lima. It was there that she discovered that she wanted to dedicate her professional life to working with young children.