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Ms. Elaine's Retirement Celebration

Please join us to celebrate the retirement of our beloved Ms. Elaine!

  • Ms. Elaine has touched many of our lives during her 19 years at St. Mark's. Friends, family, and students of all ages are invited to a reception in her honor.
  • We will gather to reminisce and wish her the best for the future! Cake and light snacks will be served. Feel free to bring a drink of your choice or a bottle to share.
  • Thank you for being a valued memory of our community!
  • Gifts are Welcome! Guests are encouraged to bring a gift card, photos, artwork, monetary donation, and/or a lovely note in thanks and support of Ms. Elaine's next chapter.
  • When: May 19th, 5-7pm
  • Where: St. Mark's Parish Hall & Deck
  • 2128 Barton Hills Dr, Austin