Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Drive is one of two fundraisers during the school year. As parents and teachers of St. Mark’s Day School, we are united in our dedication to provide a nurturing and friendly community that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our mission to show our children the powerful impact we can have as we work together. When you reflect on your child’s and your family’s experience at St. Mark’s, what stands out to you? Is it the friendships made with classmates, the songs learned in music class, the caring St. Mark’s teachers and staff, or the empathy children demonstrate toward their peers?

Funds raised during the Annual Fund Drive are unrestricted, and will be used to support a variety of school projects, and provide St. Mark’s with the resources needed to sustain and further develop the following:

· Teacher and Staff Professional Development, including remaining current in emerging childhood development practices

· Building and Playground Maintenance, intended to encourage children to appreciate and connect with the natural world by way of our beautiful playground and greenbelt

· Nurturing the Whole Child through academic readiness, cognitive development, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth

· Cultivating Fellowship by creating community with St. Mark’s families

In celebration of reaching our goal, the families of St. Mark’s Day School will enjoy a children’s festival including activities for all ages, face painting, and a petting zoo!

Your tax-deductible gift will be received with gratitude and reflected in your child’s learning experience.

Any amount and act of participation is appreciated and gives your child, and future children, the advantage of a St. Mark’s Day School education.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

—Maya Angelou